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Dress: Maria Nicolle | Heels: Celine | Bag: Paris Hilton

This dress has been in my closet for months since the time I got it. I was waiting for the perfect occasion to wear this. Actually this is from the clothing line of a long time friend which as you can see is named after her. I wanted to wear something worth the name of the event [sm lanang premier opening] which is premier.

This dress just shouts elegance! So bad I didn't do justice to this, I run out of time in hitting the salon. It would've been nice if I went for a lower bun. As you can see another earthly color. Look at the clean cut: sleeveless but no show of cleavage; hemline that approximately just 2-3inches above the knee [if only my legs are longer haha]. Stare on the black embellishments from the neck line to the bust line in V-shape substituting the cleavage exposure [which apparently nothing to expose haha] and continued details on the lower hemline, now that's a work of an art. This is a straight cut dress so I added this white belt to bring out a little shape. To lower down the formal look I paired it with Celine's black chunky heels platforms to remain in that 21 look. Since I have to be in the mall for the whole day I needed a bag which can accommodate all the things I need just like my camera, kikay kit, phones and etc, I again used this black Paris Hilton large handbag.

Expect a repeat performance of this dress :))

Next post will be on what happened on F21 fashion show and opening :)


  1. f21 is really A MUST VISIT store! can't wait to visit their branch at sm premier! ;)

    1. me too i can't wait to be back at their store! :)