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How many of you are checking the weather report daily? How many of you dressed inappropriately because of a wrong report? This is what happened to me that day. I opted to go for a jacket thinking it's a cloudy and cold day. So basically I suffered under the sun sweating it out the whole day.
This was the only photo I could look straight to the camera because Mr. Sun was just so powerful I can barely keep my eyes open.
I totally lost control with my facial expression
Detailed embroidery on the corset
Jacket: Seductions | Corset: Kwesh | Short: Simple and Chic
Bag: Paris Hilton | Flats: Solemate | Accessories: Tomliz

For this look I counter-act the daring-sexiness of the corset with this jacket from seductions. If I were given a chance to be more creative with this jacket, I'll use a motorcycle and helmet as a props, can you picture out it too? I hope you do! haha. It made my shoulders broader because of the spandex on both arms and on the waist line, creating a tough look and a sexy shape too. I left it open to give a little exposure to the corset. Corset is really the highest form of sexiness with sophistication. The short is in bronze and it glitters, keeping my look a little more unconventional of a bad ass girl. Flats, of course I went for silver making my look lighter. Accessories was a combination of gold and vintage with break-through of bracelets with yummy colors.

I wasn't the only one complaining with the super hot weather that day. So me along with Davao's very own fashion bloggers hit the nearest coffee shop in Damosa Gateway.


  1. I love your blog :)))
    Nice relation in this post!

    Hope we could follow each other - I'm already following you :))

    1. hi monica! thanks for dropping by :) yes I followed you too

  2. Hey!!! I'd love to meet the other Davao Bloggers too :) hope you guys could lemme know if you'd have coffee again soon <3

    1. hey trish don't worry we're already planning for that plus a photoshoot. see you soon! :)

    2. Count me in! ;)