Friends that roll together stay pretty forever (dermaroller)

Hi guys I'd like to share to you what my colleagues and I are up to. I'm never the vain kind of person and people often nag at me to take good care of my skin and to apply some make-up on. I have been suffering from bad acne breakouts this year, I thought it will just go away if I'm going to leave it alone but I was totally wrong. One time when I talked to my tita Jo who is the owner of the Precioso spa along Madrazo she recommended me to use a dermaroller. I was so frustrated already with my face so it made me think I have nothing to lose anymore so might as well give it a try.

Just last week my colleagues and bffs decided to join me in rolling. They were very intrigued so they ordered their own dermarollers. In fact they ordered the 3 in 1 (dermaroller for the body, face and eye region ). I was on my third roll already and while they were on their first. What I have is a 1.5mm for face, while Karen and Brook's sets are composed of 1mm for face, 1.5 for the body and 0.5 for the eye region.

1st step. We dipped our dermarollers in a container containing a 70% alcohol for a little over 30 minutes.
2nd step. While waiting for the 30 minutes we started our rituals by cleaning our faces using the Nivea facial wash with scrub (the pink one).
3rd step: We applied the numb cream (topical anesthesia) all over our faces and to the areas where we will be rolling --just make sure to avoid your eyes and lips. It will take about 15-30 minutes before the cream will take effect.

 4th step. Get your rollers out of the container and dry it for at least 3-5 minutes -- just air dry it. Then start rolling now.

Right way of rolling is in an asterisk motion. Up and down for about 5 times then side to side for 5 times and lastly in diagonal motion for 5 times also. What I do is I work first with my left cheek going to my right cheek then to my chin and then to my nose. I haven't tried on my forehead since I'm still having a breakout on that region --- it is not advisable to roll when you're having breakouts. Make sure to apply pressure to puncture your skin -- just enough for your skin to give a signal in releasing collagen for a natural way in repairing your skin from acne marks/ scars and from having large open pores, don't worry it won't bleed trust me I'm using 1.5mm needles. Also aside from helping the skin release collagen it also helps the skin to absorb 70% more of the skin products that we use.

Some of you might be asking if it's painful, well I use numb cream so for me it's not. Karen and Brook were very scared to do the rolling at first since they're dealing with needles here but right after trying-out they got so addicted that they won't stop anymore. They also used the numb cream on their faces but they didn't on the body so I presume it's not painful at all.

Last and final step. We applied our skin care products. Collagen cream, vitamin c cream, calming cream and celeteque moisturizer. Brook's case she needs to put contractubex because of the keloid formation while Karen doesn't have a problem aside from having large pores so she's just using the usual (wala lang talaga siyang trip haha).

Here are some of the skincare products that we use.

We are very happy rolling, it's one of our bonding moments nowadays, it's a girl thing lol. I am on my fourth roll and I can see improvements already. I'll just update you guys with this experiment.

Btw we got our dermarollers online from a seller in instagram @dermaroller_philippines

I want to be a Professional Baker

Before the year ends I promised myself that I will develop a new skill. I have decided to finally learn how to bake.

I have been trying to find a great school here in Davao City that offers short courses and programs for pastry making. I have been envious of my friends who knows how to bake because aside from the fact that they are earning, it is also an edge for a girl to have this kind of skill. Fun fact about me: I tried making truffles by watching youtube video and guess was an epic fail. The video-tutorial didn't work for me so I will go and seek some help from the professionals -- I must lol.

One of my best friends introduced me with the Philippine Baking Institute that is located at Ecoland Drive, Matina Davao City. Of course I did my thorough research and ended up discovering the gems of the school, by gems I mean the key points on why should I enroll here. Here are my top 5 rationale:
5. It fits with my schedule. Perfect for working girls like me and even for boys.
4. Hands-on mentoring program.
3. The materials and ingredients are already provided plus the classroom and equipment is top of the line and world class.
2. They have the best chef to mentor you. Mind you we are talking both local and international chef here.
1. They are TESDA accredited -- true to their slogan "Be A Professional Baker".

This coming Friday 27th of November will be that start of the cake decorating and fondant making that will be mentored by THE chef Hannah Granado and that's until the 29th of November.

I have always dreamed of making these kinds of things. Imagine I will be decorating the cakes of my loved ones from now on haha exciting. Everything will be extra special when it's personalized, and how much more if its their birthday cakes right? Sorry I'm just too excited for this experience -- I can't wait to learn and to apply this.

Wish me luck!

Also I have been eyeing on the pastry-making but they said they don't have a schedule for it yet since the chef that will be mentoring is from Belgium the great master baker chef Peter De Cauwer (how exciting!!!) and they still have to fix the schedule. I'll just update you guys with that or better yet try calling them yourself and let me know if you already have an answer for it. Students will be taught how to make truffles, cupcakes, crout dough, etc using the european technique. I need to be in that class ---hello truffles, cupcakes and the list goes on ughhh I badly need to learn how to make those.

You can contact them at (082) 286 - 8552, (0917) 684 7538, 09229145293.

How about you what skill/s do you want to learn before the year ends? Let me know and if you can't think of anything you might want to join me and let's bond together. :)

Have a great week guys, talk to you soon. :*

Sunday Summary (Last Full Show)

Hello there! It's time again to summarize my week. This is my second time that I am going to post a Sunday Summary and I'm just so excited to share to you about how jam-packed my week was.

Monday - Friday are given I'm at the office working.

Monday Night. My boss and I were kidnapped  by her friends Zoren and Pat. We watched a movie just like our usual de-stressing regimen. Initially we planned on watching Everest in Imax theater in Sm Lanang Premier but we weren't able to catch the last full show as we arrived there passed 9pm. So we transferred in NCCC Mall in Matina since the last full show starts at 10 pm. The mall only have 4 cinemas meaning we only have 4 choices. Sadly Everest is not part of the choices and since the two others Pat and Zee have seen Pan already so we ended up watching Etiquette of a Mistress. Kaloka na loka ako sa movie. I didn't expect so much but still I was disappointed. I'll just keep my mouth shut as negativity has no room in my blog. Moving on we had our usual routine which is having our late dessert night in Gangnam. Usually we go to the Gangnam store in Matina but we just had to try and pay visit in their newly opened store in Abreeza. What we love about Gangnam is that, as for their store in Matina they're open 24 hours and with their Abreeza branch they're open until 2am. Sorry we are night owls and it's so much struggle for us to find a decent store that's open that late.

Wednesday Night.We watched again a movie with the same gang plus with Mark and Brook this time. I forced them to come with us. I tricked Brook told her we will watch a love story so she rushed and joined us not even minding what's the title of the movie haha. We went again in Nccc Mall for the last full show. We were coming late as usual, but because of Zee's driving skills we were able to catch the movie. The ticket booth as has already closed but the cashier was kind enough to give us tickets and asked their supervisor that our tickets will be counted as part of the next day sales. The movie had started when we went in but we were just happy that we were able to watch the movie. Sobrang buwis buhay ginawa namin just to catch the movie promise. I thought that the movie is a horror-lovestory kind of genre, little did I know it will be one of the most morbid movie that I will ever get to watch in my entire life (nothing beats chainsaw massacre of course -- i hate that movie and final destination -- i like this one). Then we proceeded again to Gangnam in Abreeza, before we set foot in their place one crew member that was outside the store greeted us and said "Hello po Maam Sir, ganun ulit?" and all of us were looking to each other smiled and replied "yes ganun ulit" hahaha. We always find ourselves ordering the same thing at the same place and in the same time.

Thursday Night.I got out of the office earlier than the usual since I have a dinner party to attend to. It was my inaanak's birthday which happens to be Billy's niece. I wasn't able to buy a gift for her so I went straight to SM City that night just as I planned and bought her 2 dresses then went to their house right after. I just have to tell you a little story about SM City -- after I bought a gift for Riza I went to their gift wrapping station and just my luck there's lady with more than 30+ stuff waiting to be wrapped and only 1 guy on duty to do all those. Since I was running late I offered Mr. gift wrapper that I will just do mine, gladly he gave me a wrapper and I was able to do mine in 2 minutes only haha. After having a dinner with Billy's family I went back to the office since I received a text from Karen that we have to go somewhere.

The partners in crime Zee and Pat went again in the office and kidnapped us all again but this time Brook is absent and Hikki was the one who replaced her. We went again to NCCC Mall and watch the last full show (what's new?). We were torn between Pan but since a lot of them saw Pan already we ended up with Bridge of Spies. Oh goodness gracious the poster gave us the wrong expectation. I was laughing at some parts because I find myself thinking or more like directing for the next scene. As in bigla ko na lang maisip na gera na next tapos di pa din pala. Nonetheless the last part was heart-warming and for that I could safely say it was the most sensible movie I have watched this week. Stand on what you believe in, be that standing man -- and stand strong. After the movie we dropped Hikki near to her house and went to BarBQ Boss in Damosa, they ate there dinner there while I ordered fries and cheese sticks. After that I forced them to have our long-planned massage. We tried the Sweet Dreams massage in Damosa (it's one of the few spa that is operating 24 hours). Then we went back to the office and worked again.

Saturday. I had the whole day with myself catching up with all the sleepless nights. I was asleep most of the day. Around 8pm I got a call from my tita that my relatives from bohol are planning to go out. And since I can't think of anywhere else, we ended up going to SM City as it's the only mall that is open 'til midnight that day. I actually arrived 5 minutes before the closing time, ughhh the classic Dawn Marie. After that we went to San Perdo and ate at the barbq store there. And then we had a few walks down the street and took some photos, my closest is Aimae I'm fond of calling her Ting short for Pating haha. She's a solid admirer of Mayor Duterte so we went at the City hall and took some shots of her. She was so giddy and I had a great time with her and with ate Rona. Can't wait to visit Bohol again, it's one of my favorite place in the Philippines.

Sunday: I went to church alone as usual then went to Abreeza to have dinner with ate Rona and Pating. Initially we planned on watching movie but since they have a curfew we ended up eating at SnR, had a few chats, photo-spree and walks. By the way I saw one my davao fashion blogger friend Dane and we had a few talks -- love talking to her napakachill lang talaga niya kausap.

watched 3 movies on in a last full show (lfs). went to a birthday party. had a body massage. spent time with relatives. worked. blogged.

That's how I spent my week. How about yours? How did your week go?

This week I'm looking forward on seeing the main man Billyboy! He'll be arriving on Friday night. Can you feel my excitement? hahaha and oh he's turning 26 in 3weeks time. I'm planning on what gift would I give him. If you guys have an idea please email me, would love to have some of your advice.

Then when I went home I immediately went back working and now blogging.
My week was jam-packed as expected, full of rushing, running, hustling and late night adventures. It's official I am part of the team night owl haha.

Sunday Summary

How did my week go?

My week was a perfect balance of everything, I guess. I was able to work for almost 50 hours and managed to squeeze in extra curricular activities.

Mondays-Fridays are already given, I'm at the office working.

Wednesday night "De-stressing". I along with some of my officemates Brook and Mark, we watched movie "The Martian" (I really didn't like it but they did so I'm good with it) then we walked around downtown bought some food and desserts.

Friday night "catching up with the bffs". I and my bffs since high school surprised one of our bffs since its her birthday (Happy Birthday Cha!). It was so nice to be with them again. I heard they were feeling that I'm beginning to be aloof maybe because I don't communicate with them anymore that much -- No, I was just honestly busy with work lately. I know there's a lot of catching up to do and a lot of explanation to make but nevertheless oh well I'm just happy I had the time to be with them and to clear things out. It's always nice to be with them.

Saturday "me time". I stayed the whole day at home sleeping, watching movies on my laptop, reading blogs and making a blog entry.

Sunday "family time". I went to church attended the mass and lighted candles just like my usual Sunday routine then I went straight home. Some of my cousins were here so we made spaghetti for dinner paired with freshly baked garlic bread and an ice cream for dessert -- Plus point we all ate together on the dinning table.

I was pretty satisfied with my week. I'm so glad I was able to do all of it especially the catching up with my friends and spending time with family. It was a week well-spent! <3

Time check 1:20 am: It's Monday now and it's a brand new week. I have a feeling it's going to be great just like last week. And if ever it's not, well I'll do everything in my power to make it good at the very least haha. My relatives from Bohol are coming over and I'm just excited to tour them around Davao. Also one of my inaanak which is Billy's niece will be celebrating her birthday this week so I'll be heading to their house and bond with his family (it's been 10 years but I'm still shy to go there with or without Billy *pabebe face). Oh gosh nga pala I still have to buy a gift for her so there's a little shopping for this week (buying gifts really excites me *smiling right now) and I'm planning to do it in SM City -- grabe it's been awhile since I went there 'cause I live up north so I use to shop in *SM Lanang while Billy's house is on the other end down south near *Sm City. Also, my fashion blogger friends are inviting me for a dinner date some time this week, I just hope this pushes through because I miss talking to them big time. It is going to be hectic but surely a fun-filled week.

It's getting late,I have to hit the sack now. Talk to you next time. Hope you had a great week last week and wishing you'll have a great week ahead. Thank you for dropping by my blog =D

God bless

xoxo -dawny

Can't Feel My Face

Hello Guys! What's up? How was your Saturday night? Well as for me I was just on bed watching movie on my laptop, reading blogs and now ending my Saturday night blogging --- okay technically it's already Sunday since it's past midnight. Nevertheless that's how I spent my Saturday and I like it that way. I'm probably that old already since nowadays I usually choose to stay at home during weekends even with all the left and right invitations (signs of aging haha).

You might be wondering why the title of today's blog post. Nothing really deep just listening to one of the playlists in spotify and currently that's what's playing "can't feel my face". It does fit with my pose and so with my feelings right now, so yeah I went for it --- as shallow as I can get haha.

Lately I have been having troubles making time for my friends, family and for myself. I am so busy at work I don't even have time check my phone nor to update any of them and even any of my social media accounts -- but gaaaah I'm trying you know. I'm trying to strike a balance in everything in my life: Career, family, love, friends and self "mid-twenties crisis".

My boss was out again for a couple of days, she went to Manila to process some documents. So yes it was a test of character again for me. Just last night I got a feedback from her that one of our big boss said I did great with how I handled things. I got so *kilig and I can't help it I went in front of the mirror and smiled to myself (I'm crazy like that haha or more like kawawa kasi walang mashare-an and that's probably the reason why I'm here blogging lol). I'm too shy to tell my parents or even billy about it, they'll probably just smile to me as this is just one minor thing.

Every night I pray that someday my family would be proud of me and most especially Billy. A lot of people think I'm a materialistic girl --- well I buy things but I don't pray for it, what I really pray for is to be successful in life and to make my loved ones proud of me. Just last week on the same day but different time, my mom and tita were asked about me regarding what's my work and where I am working. They both answered the same thing that I am a nurse and that I am working in SPMC, they said it even I was just beside them. It's right, it was the right thing to say a year ago. A year ago I practiced my profession, a year a go I am a nurse in SPMC. This year I chose to follow my heart, proceeded with writing. They just don't have any idea how it breaks my heart hearing that over and over again, it makes me think they are not proud of who I am now. With that I promised myself to be successful with my chosen career. Maybe that's the reason why I don't mind working long hours, I am driven by passion at the same time pride. I'm striving to be better in this league everyday, I'm trying to learn something new each day and I'm trying to keep up with every challenge that's been put up to me every single day. I have learned to love the company I'm at as well as the people in it, it pays to have an amazing sweet generous smart boss (bully nga lang most of the time. Itatago ko na lang sa pangalan Karen. I secretly call her aplha and of course I'm the beta! hahaha).

That compliment I got last night just made my week, I never saw it coming but I'm glad it did. Criticisms are my building blocks and compliments are food to my soul. I value both so much, it makes me better and stronger.

Note to self:
"Work for cause...not for applause
Live life to EXPRESS...not to impress
Don't strive to make your presence noticed...
Just make your absence felt
After all in the long journey of life YOU ALONE ARE YOUR COMPETITOR.....So, NEVER BELITTLE YOURSELF!"

Someday I will make something out of my name and not just "a former nurse" and "Billy's girl".

Sorry to keep you up with my drama. I'll try to post something light next time :)